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Cheerleading Winter emailTiffany HallVarsity
Baseball Spring emailTrevor Coyne7th & 8th
Boys Soccer Fall emailMike MolloyVarsity
Boys Soccer Fall emailDave KrawczykJV
Boys Soccer Fall emailEd Messer7th
Boys Soccer Fall emailKen TurnFrosh
Boys Soccer Fall emailZeb Miner8th
Boys Tennis Spring emailKen TurnVarsity
Boys Soccer Fall email 7th
Cheerleading Fall emailTiffany HallVarsity
Cross Country Fall emailJim DulinVarsity
Cross Country Fall emailNikki DockumM.S.
Field Hockey Fall emailAmber CottrellVarsity
Field Hockey Fall emailKathleen Wilkinson7-8th
Field Hockey Fall email
Field Hockey Fall emailKaitlyn SurdamJV
Football Fall emailJohn MartinVarsity
Football Fall emailGeoff SilverM.S. Asst.
Football Fall emailDavid KelleyM.S. Asst.
Football Fall emailJason MonteM.S. Head
Football Fall emailNR in 2014 Frosh
Football Fall emailChad GordonJV
Football Fall emailBill HayV Asst.
Football Fall emailFrank GaudetteV Asst.
Girls Soccer Fall emailMark BoudreauVarsity
Girls Soccer Fall emailTom FerruoloJV
Girls Soccer Fall emailMelissa Schramm7th-8th Blue
Girls Soccer Fall emailAndrea BartholdiFrosh
Girls Soccer Fall emailJohn MacDonald8th
Baseball Spring emailWalt ParmenterVarsity
Baseball Spring emailDavid KelleyJVA
Baseball Spring emailEric RussellJVB
Boys Lacrosse Spring emailMark LangeVarsity
Boys Lacrosse Spring emailJohn MacDonaldJV
Girls Lacrosse Spring emailWhitney BrooksVarsity
Girls Lacrosse Spring emailTBA JV
Girls Tennis Spring emailSteve CoggeshallVars-Co.
Girls Tennis Spring emailTanya CaseVars-Co.
Golf Spring emailTim KaneVarsity Boys
Golf Spring emailBrian HarringtonVarsity Girls
Softball Spring emailKatie ContradaVarsity
Softball Spring emailJason Dicranian8th
Softball Spring emailLorrie Carra7th
Softball Spring emailTiffany HallJV
Softball Spring emailBrooke RemingtonVarsity Asst.
Spring email
Track and Field Spring emailCharnay RylandVarsity Head Coach
Track and Field Spring emailBruce SmithM.S.
Track and Field Spring emailLeah MacDonaldM.S.
Weight Room Spring emailRic Crosier2nd Semester
Boys Basketball Winter emailDan SleemanVarsity
Boys Basketball Winter emailBrent KippJV
Boys Basketball Winter emailKelly BrooksFrosh
Boys Basketball Winter emailPete Laflamme8th
Boys Basketball Winter emailStephen Carknard7th
Cheerleading Winter emailMarina Calvo7th & 8th
Dance Winter emailErica CummingsVarsity
Dance Winter emailJillian HervieuxJV
Volleyball Fall emailLorrie CarraVarsity-Co.
Girls Basketball Winter emailBrian HarringtonVars.
Volleyball Fall emailKatie ContradaVarsity-Co.
Volleyball Fall emailMindy HarringtonJV-Co.
Girls Basketball Winter emailTrisha Mahar8th
Girls Basketball Winter emailTracy Galle7th
Girls Basketball Winter emailJason MonteJV
Indoor Track Winter emailTim RussellVarsity
Volleyball Fall emailNancy HaynesJV-Co.
Swimming Winter emailAnna SwieradVarsity Head
Wrestling Winter emailScott LegacyVarsity
Wrestling Winter emailFrank GaudetteJV Asst.
Wrestling Winter emailWayne CallM.S. Head
Wrestling Winter emailBrian CoonJV
X-Country Skiing Winter emailBruce SmithVarsity Head
X-Country Skiing Winter emailRob ShortAsst.
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Tim Brown - Athletic/Activities Director
Email: - Phone: (802) 447-1899, Ext. 5
Bridgette Worthington - Facilities Use Questions
Email: - Phone: (802) 447-1899, Ext. 4
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