MAU Team Sportsmanship

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Mt. Anthony promotes good sportsmanship among coaches, athletes and fans. We encourage students, parents and friends to attend games and support our teams, but we ask you to do so in a positive manner. Individuals who choose to berate opponents or officials, use vulgar language, or make derogatory comments will be asked to leave. Furthermore, please remember that negative comments about coaches, players, opponents, or officials, even in conversation in the stands, do nothing but undermine the coach and harm the team. We understand that contests can get emotional, and a poor call, a costly mistake, or a loss can be difficult to swallow. However, we ask you to keep high school sports in perspective, and to understand that kids, coaches and officials do make mistakes. Yelling at them from the stands, or even sharing a negative opinion about the situation can only make matters worse. Please keep yourself under control at all times in the stands and represent our school and community with the dignity that you expect from our coaches and teams.

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